Original Friend Mermaid Doll

$ 150.00

Handmade Mermaid Dolls

The “Prison doll project” originally began with one woman creating a doll as a gift. Each doll is hand-made by the female inmates of Islas Marias, an all women island penal colony approximately 70 kilometers off the coast of Mazatlan. “I made a doll for Lupita, a toddler who started life inside a state-run penitentiary in Mexico. Against all odds, the project survives.”  Today this Fair Trade project continues to help create work and fair pay for many inmates of Isla Marias Prison.

Each doll is entirely hand crafted and unique. Colors and materials vary.  Colors seen here may vary with each doll.  Overall selected color will be shipped, but variations in coordinating colors and materials will exist. 


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