Cotyledon Orbiculata in wool felt

$ 950.00

Cotyledon Orbiculata by Ronel Jordaan

Ronel Jordaan, a textile designer for 30 years, is predominantly inspired by nature and gives free reign to her imagination creating sophisticated, yet playful design pieces. Using only South African raw material she has trained a group of women in the fine art of felting, and undertakes product development with a variety of weaving groups, creating new works that are eco friendly and responsibly produced.
Through the medium of felted wool, her original designs playfully and eloquently echo organic forms and textures. These elements are infused with the comforting serenity, purity and beauty of the outdoors.
In a conscious effort to alleviate unemployment among woman living in the city townships, the company is dedicated to transference of skills, eco-friendly processes and a celebration of respect for the environment.

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